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Raymond Francis



In some region of the world there live only two type of people; the rouge and the stupid. The rouge rob, steal, lie and threatened. The stupid praise the rogue and gladly accepted all the torments put on them. This amazing phenomena is no near to the evolution of specie for  roguery  and dumbness has no place in the arrangement of DNA. It is in parallel to the divine existence of the universe together with the creation of good and evil.

The two forces of good and bad, light and darkness and Ying and Yang are not coincidental.

In Malaysia there are at least two states where only these two categories of people exist. We should not show any pity to the stupid as they deserve to be as what they are. They used to live in poverty and ignorance from the beginning of their lives till this very gloomy day. The natives emerged themselves when the sun set to sell their bodies for bread. Their land were taken away. they rejoiced on the eve of election day having received a few dollars for the price of their votes. After then their land will be plundered again.

Let us first forget about nations with the two categories of inhabitants and try to establish the characters of human specie through Darwin natural selection and his followers with DNA factors with the making of mankind by God. Let us bring in the third factor which we may dismiss for it's irrelevancy and illogical. It is the question of alien being from the outer space. Can anyone prove the veracity of alien being working hand in hand with the United States government and USA has acquired their anti-gravity technology ? The great nation of the United States were founded and built up by the illuminati group who said that the First Degree illuminati were descendants of the god.

This third factor  is far beyond logical explanation of evolution and DNA transformation. We cannot apply similar rule to the whole of universe. I would confirm that the nation of the rogue and the stupid are not the process of evolution through DNA transformation.

It is just a shocking experience that this world still accommodate inhabitants of such senility and stupidity.

But if God makes such a people than God also creates hell for them. Mankind were told to be good, not to lie, steal and cheat, not to elevate themselves to the level of God or Holly Prophets, and not to elect and support evil and sinister persons to be their leaders.

My Professor, James  Ongkili, who had long passed away had name the two strange states with such type of inhabitants. I really do agree with him and his soul has been seeing it all along. Indeed a sad episode.

The more pertinent question is are those stupid people fated or they are designed to remain stupid ? How true poverty, lack of education, the vastness of the land separated by the land terrain hinder mental development ? Then we have to look at the urban population and their state of mind. How could Najib has followers in Selangor like the Red shirt hooligans when soaring prices and bad economy is tormenting them everyday ?

Yet we could not make a conclusive evidence for the whole global environment. The situation on the Andes is different from that of remote China and the city of New York. They are subjected to different physical surroundings, culture and political setups though the basic of human ingredients like greed are similar. The poverty in the city and in the remote villages are not the same as well.

Kuala Lumpur applied the intimidation and fear tactics to command obedience among the Malays playing Chinese rule that will drive the Malays away to nowhere. Hence they are willing to be whipped by the fellow Malays rather being murdered by the Chinese. If these Malays are to be termed stupid then it is being designed rather the factor of fate. What happens in Sabah and Sarawak is entirely different from what it is in the Peninsular or Pyong Yang. But we can be sure that the gang of rogue warlords prefer the whole population to be stupid.

The Master-Slave relationship is not a new phenomena and not only confined to the Black and WhiteHitler portrait crop.jpg relationship of the United States history. It existed since the history of evolution of society. The poor and the weak offer themselves to be slaves and docile for their livelihood. They have less to struggle compared as a free men. Only in the later years, when education becomes a main platform and civility prevails human rushed for emancipation and chose freedom. There were a series of revolutions followed. Countries changed. There were enlightenment and humanity. But not every corner of the world change.

Idi Amin

The nations of the rogue and the stupid are still flourishing.

We all remember the early history of the world just after the fall of Constantinople. It lead to the great voyages of discovery in the 15th Century. The West moved East bringing Christianity and crosses with them to bring light to the savages and the Barbarians, to bring civility and turning them into human being. All, in the name of God, they said. They came a long away with a very limited manpower yet they could colonize the land afr away from their homes. There were three factors that brought them success; the weapons, the stupidity of the locals and the local traitors.

It was not much of a difference between those period and the current centuries. A few ruthless individuals strengthened themselves with the police and the army, compounded with colossal rewards to their bodyguards. They camouflage with democracy to plunder national wealth, changing ballot boxes, stuffing votes, and whatever deceiving games they can play. They set their own rules and regulations.

In the world of the rogue and the stupid the laymen find comfort for being ignorant. One TV in a single long house is a happiness to the whole community. They have been living in the quiet and tranquil life in peace for centuries. Why bother wasting their time barking at the mountain. For Taib Mahmud to have a young and beautiful wife it does not hurt or cause pain in them. For Musa Aman to be filthy rich that too does not make them any poorer.

You can't be a hero of the world nor your own nation. But you can keep on praying to your God to punish the sinners.

Let me tell you one thing; Indah Water was setup during the time of Mahathir to rob the public until today. The body has been sending threatening letters till now and never stop. We throw curse on him and continue to get mad at him through Indah Water's threatening letter. Our curse work. He is suffering deeply at his age. And we can be sure that Najib and Rosmah will suffer the same fate if they keep on terrorizing the population with GST and siphoning public fund. All we can do is to pray. The Atheists just need to accept what's befalling them.


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I have some money in my bank, the pension money which I accumulated over the years. I was panicked when a friend told me that the government will take back all the balance from the pension account when I die. True or not, I believe him. It is highly possible when Najib finds no amount of money is enough for him. It is like a Pei Shu, the dragon that eats and eats without excretion. I know the money is needed to cover the bottomless hole of 1Mdb and all the payments and donations made internationally to buy popularity and to escape legal persecution. If a pensioner does not believe it then it is a great risk for him.

What I did was I withdrew almost all from my pension account and kept it somewhere. A Swiss bank may be...a bank in Urbekistan may be. To tell the truth 5K was left. I decided not to bring money for my Jordan trip because the exchange rate is too stiff. The trip will be on the 14th of this month. But before I leave I have to service my Saga as the date is due, buying insurances for my three old cars, to repair my LG washing machine and to settle a few utility bills. The washing machine costs me RM480 (LG brand), the road tax and insurance is RM800 and the vehicle service RM370. All has to come from my bank balance. And that's much the leftover after deducting from the big expenditure.

You may ask me why should I keep the three cars ? Why not as they don't have value even for a scrap iron. The newest of the three is my Viva. The dealer only willing to pay RM6000 for a trade in. The rest are like old women with wrinkles and looking ugly inside out. I can use the old Kancil to take me to the airport and leave it at a remote corner. It will dispel thieves and robbers. The Proton loaned to my son was returned in a bad shape and it cost money to make it useful again. The car dealer was willing to take 4k for a trade in.

The donation to my local mosque is not compulsory but my wife and I made it our practice to do the deed. Even without her I have to continue. As long as the mosque stands and people still go for the worship God will endow her soul with peace and tranquility. The community commitment comes to about 3K. I have to settle them within December so that there will not be arose suspicion that the money comes from a saving dividend. Only the Tabung Haji dividend is considered Halal.

Land rate and property taxes will come in January. That will come from the dividend.

When I return from the Jordan trip I will receive my pension. The whole amount will be used up. I can live with the meager bank balance until January when the dividend is announced.

Some of my friends are facing worse problems. One lost a job and all the jewelries due to the unemployment. Another is facing an ailing business and pleads for loans I can no longer give. Others are struggling to make ends meet. What really hit us most is the lavish spending by our leaders that are taxing us through various mean, causing the lost of living to shoot up. The refusal to admit the wrongdoings and the repeated failures drive the citizens more to the hardship. The number of people who lost their jobs are more than the number of UMNO delegates in the UMNO assembly.

Now we can understand what sort of people who sodomized Muammar Gadaffi even after his death and anxious to hang Saddam Hussein for his sin. I can still survive and enjoy my life before I die in a few years time. I am just concern, pitying the unfortunate poorer. They have a long way to go.

I hope nothing more will confront me for my money except for the daily spenditure on food, gasoline and small donations to the wedding festivities. I have a week more before I enter the cold weather. There will be no big change when I come home. I have lost interest in seeing my money grow for fear it will be disappeared when I die leaving no bequest to my kids who will be facing a bleak future under Najib. Pensioners need to find out the truth or else risking their savings of the pension fund. And I pray to GOD so that my money would not be totally depleted and would not turn me into a beggar.



What he says and what others say. are not on the common line. The more we speak the more we expose ourselves. If we are not ashamed of being called a fool we can be sure that we have lost our morality. We drag our race and creed together with us and made them very repulsive. People are asking ' Is lying taught in the Quran and Muslims are encourage to lie ? '  We have had enough that Muslims are called terrorists and even the UMNO education Minister himself proclaimed that schools must not be too Islamic as he sees Islam is a dangerous religion.

When you are still singing about the 2.6 billion donation, you make a mockery of everything that the Malays have. It depicts the mind of the Malays or rather UMNO Malays who are below par as compared to the other races, ineptness in business, lacking in sciences and mathematics, selling away lands to others, allowed being conned unendingly, poor in financial management and myopic in their visions.

There are more than 100 remarks made on the speech made by an UMNO member on the donation story. But I chose a few to show what others are thinking of othe Malay leaderhips and the UMNO members. You may not agree with them. But that's their perceptions.

Worldly Wise
If there was a "donation" of US 2.6 billion from the King of Saudi Arabia why was it not publicly announced at the time the money was received? Why was it received in secret ? What was the money spent on ? Who kept the books of accounts ? Who kept the cheque book ? Why must it be announced after the Wall Street Journal discovered it ? Why did the bank which received the money not query it immediately ? Why did the bank that received the money not report the extraordinarily large payment to Bank Negara Malaysia ? Where is the proof of payment from the King of Saudi Arabia ? Why did the King of Saudi Arabia not announce it publicly at that time ? Why did the King of Saudi Arabia pay the money into No 1 's personal account and not to a common public bank account like the treasury ? There are too many unanswered questions.

Anonymous 2408551459232350
Did your religion permit you to lie? If not, please watch what you say, God maybe angry.

It is utterly inconceivable that those who are desperately seeking to garner attention along with the hope of being rewarded for uttering however nonsensical or unbelievable to sugarcoat their Umno leaders should fall so lowly like the Umno delegate, Rizuan Abd Hamid, who has left no stone unturned to assert that 'Najib awed Muslim world, hence Arab donation". Small wonder the unconcealed corruptions perpetrated by the powers-that-be and the blatant abuse of power within the country are going on unabated when party members are turning a blind eye to the alleged scandals that had attracted national and international condemnations. It is no surprise the oppositions are gathering strength and momentum in pursuit of justice and endeavours to stop the rot as the populace are more informed and better educated to decide their own fate. For those Umno delegates whose mindset share same IQ as Rizuan, it is inevitable they are doomed to wallow in the cesspit of ignorance which they deserved.

this kind of umno and malays can progress?

you for clearing that up Rizuan Abd Hamid. Now I know that it was not that the Saudis got a Whatsapp message from "Allah" instructing them to send the money in a tediously circuitous manner via a number of shell companies.

Single Malt
Then why give back?

wah...never seen such a perfect example of group think before...what a bunch of idiots..

Macau RiceMacau rice
I am totally amazed! Up till now, these fellas are still singing the donation song! So, the US, the Swiss and the Sings are all wrong or if not, then we are still living up in the trees!

It was not only SR, WSJ and DOJ had said that Najib has stolen the money, even the golf buddy of Najib, Obama passed the remark in Peru. It was too recent and to shameful for us. We jump from president to president appealing for mercy, for them to interfere with the law instead of allowing the law to take it's own course.. I don't think so any other head of states would stoop that low. And we call it war ?

"There is nothing wrong with 1Mdb," Najib says it and Apandi says it. Yet Singapore has taken drastic actions on anything that is directly linked to the development fund. And money paid to IPIC went missing. Rosmah purchased luxury goods with SRC's money that went into Najib's account.

It would have been better for the candidates to discuss ways to overcome our economic problems in detail, how to enhance demand in our palm oil and rubber, the good and bad of international dependencies on food, looking into the curriculum contents of our education for progress in technology and promoting research studies. If UMNO is to leave the planning and development to the civil servants then there is no point to have the various units in the organization.

They have been talking for days, our ringgit experience rejection in foreign lands, prices of goods keep on climbing, the people are sufferings, the Malays are selling their land, drug addicts never cease, children are being kidnapped, unemployment is on the rise.

As stated, at the end of Time the anti-God Dajjal will be commanding for loyalty to himself for he would guarantee them wealth and  whatever they want. Was that not we saw in the general assembly ? They praise the lordship and sang his greatness ever before. He is their savior and he must be obeyed. You may read more on the episode of the Dajjal. It is an omnipresent in different parts of the world. The One-Eyed evil could literally mean that he sees thing through a single eye. He is perfect and those who are against him are all wrong.

The fools do not realize that they are digging graves for themselves and call for the other Malays to do the same. It has been too late for them to undo all the wrongs and sins they have done. Mahathir realizes it too late.



Be yourself and be on your own. Take God with you and put in your heart. Ignore all others as far as religion as concern. Otherwise you will be in perplexity in hearing of about the end of time, the Christian tribulation and rapture, the Muslim signs of the end of the world, the Jews version of the last days. While to the non-believers the coming world war as the inevitable causal-effect, the Christians regard it as final tribulation.

How true was that about the fireballs dropped from the sky to burn Israel and various parts of the United States. There will be more skeptics than the people with faiths to believe in non-scientific matters. Yet people are matching their holly books to the current world situations, mishaps, calamities, and freak happenings to confirm the prophesies in them. Gangsters and mafia is now ruling a nation, men marry men and women marry women, the illegal drugs are now legalized, calamities of all sorts are hitting the world. And our country under Najib has never been so chaotic in the history of modern Malaya.

If you believe that these are all positive signs as spell in the books of God then talk to God all the time. The Muslims pray on their prayer mats. The Christians and the Jews too prepare for the coming. The end is near.

\Natenyahu does not believe in the fireball from the sky or the orange UFO. He blamed the Arabs who started the fire. It has nothing to do with rupture, tribulation, God's retribution of the end of time.  Between him and the rest, it is the battle between faith and rationality. I have both in me. Though I have faith in my religion I do not dismiss reasons and rationality. A man could cause fire in as much as greed and stupidity could make the politicians go crazy. At least half of the Muslim population of the world believe Israel's fire is a natural disaster not caused by any individual. Those who were arrested were those who rejoiced the fire.

But disaster is not a new phenomena. War, famine, diseases and other calamities have been happenings since mankind populate the earth surface, even before religion was born, and continued all along the years. In fact the current world is much better then those years. The interpretation of tribulation should have begun starting from the yesteryears. If there is a third world war it is just another repetition of the past. There is bound to be the rise and fall of a nation again.





It is worth to set up a study on each of the disaster; the nature, it's frequency, and which location and try to see whether there is any correlation to any event or certain behavioral pattern. And the believers have to identify between tribulation and retribution. Unnatural and spooky things tend to scare the people like a sudden river emerge in a very dry desert or snow fall in Malaysia or Saudi Arabia. People tend to relate strange happenings to the sign of the end of the world. Only the Atheists and the rational beings believe there is a scientific or natural explanation to each.

In spite of havoc, chaos and uproar millions of people are not bothered with the outside world. They don't even know their leaders are stealing their money and selling their lands away. They don't care whether the sun is going to raise tomorrow. They simply don't care about their future. They are being cheated, lied and deceived and never give a thought to it. They are being possessed by fellow human, their sinister leaders.

The Muslims too believe that the end is near. They are keeping their eyes on the war of Gog and Magog, the one eyed Dajal, Mahdi and the coming of Prophet Isa ( Jesus ). The deadly natural disaster has yet to strike this nation. It has recently hit Japan and China.


I am more concern about Najib and Rosmah to the happenings in Israel. What happened in the Jewish state may have come from man rather than from God. Our plunging ringgit and economy does not come from God but from our leader. Many however expressed that Najib and UMNO's demeanor are signed of the end of time.




I don't quite remember how long I had been using SHARP washing machine. It was small, less complicated and cheap. I managed my washing manually; putting in my clothing, pouring the water into the washing chamber, putting in soap and started the the washing. After about 15 to 30 minutes I drained it, replace with a new water and washed it again for about 5 minutes. Then changed with the new water, put in a little softener and finalized the washing before shoving the cloth in the drying chamber. After 5 minutes of spin they seemed to be dry.

When my daughter bought a more sophisticated washer, I put away the old faithful aside. I don't know how much she paid for it. I thought it has to be expensive. I could setup the mode I want and by pressing a button the machine followed the internal instructions. The drying process was by the heated air and when everything is over the clothing look as good as they are ironed. But I never opted for the machine dry as it took a long time.

A couple days ago something went wrong with the machine. I checked the fuse on the plug and the supply on the wall socket. They were all okay. Only this morning I went to report to the shop where the machine was purchased. In the evening the technician rang me up. "It looks like a mother board," he said. "I have to tell you first that it costs you RM480. If it is Okay for you I'll come to your house tonight."

Of course I have to agree though I thought it is expensive. It is about RM500 for three years.

In the meantime I went to inspect my old washing machine. It picked up cobwebs and dusts. I cleaned and tested it. It is still working. I have some clothing to be cleaned. Recalling the procedure I ran the manual washing again. All went well. Happiness.

Be careful when you are thinking of having the state-of-the-art technology. It can squeeze your bone.



My question on What's Next is now answered. It is the collapsed of a pedestrian bridge resulted in human casualties. It is just one of the continuous mishaps that will keep on falling as long as the witch is chanting the evil words. Prior to this was the chopper accident in Sarawak which took away several lives.

If you believe the fire that caught Israel is from God then you have to believe that some great devastation will also occur here. Malaysia is really a cursed nation now. While all other currencies are in the market Malaysian ringgit is not listed bringing a colossal shame to the Malaysians overseas.

People want to know the contractor of this project and whether it has a political link, corruptions, cheating or negligence. A few even blindly put their suspicion on Chinese contractors. To me of whether they are from China, Malaysia or Korea it is only a mere con-incidence. If it is due to the SIAL factor then the tragedy is inevitable and cannot be stopped.

We have never have such a gloomy period as it now. It looks like it is going to be worst in 2017 after BN wins another election. Among all, the Malays will be worst to suffer except for the UMNO warlords.

The people pray for divine intervention to hit hard at the witch herself and be burnt like the fire of Israel swarming from the sky with enormous rage. We pray the wailing and shrieking from the burning of the body be heard throughout the nation and the body keeps on burning for weeks, resisting all efforts to put it off.



The Friday prayer's sermon was on the fallacy and the evil of social media which were filled with slander and lies. The Muslims were barred from believing or reading them or face with the wrath of the God the Almighty. The same theme was voiced by Datin Rosmah Mansor with a few identical phrases. She has no Face Book account, no twitter and no cyber trooper working for her. The social media have been lying and unfair to her. To find the truth we are asked to call her up. She has only one antic phone to reply.

Because of the similarity in content I come to suspect that the package was prepared by a propaganda unit in the psychological war of perception against Najib's enemies. Rosmah might have not read the nature of the public feedback on her, the most serious, notorious and painful were from the higher echelon of the community judged by their command of English and the sharpness of their arguments. They were however read by her paid workers who were supposed to fight back for her and her husband. But the vocal engagement was too tough and the strategy has to be planned by the propaganda unit with a long list of dirty tactics.

I don't believe in all the pictures I see or the words I heard. For instant, the image on the left shows Rosmah at a younger age and the phones on the table are not of known quality at all.

People were complaining of her gaudy and brilliant dress of which I would endorse for she is the First Lady who needed to be elegant and glister in the public. If she is not properly donned then her heavy body and shortness will make her look ugly. Look at her picture carefully. She is not young anymore.

Rather than telling the citizens not to believe in the social media, it would be wiser for her to teach these media a big lesson. She must sue the Wall Street Journal for accusing her of stealing SRC money to buy luxury goods for her own use. And the Sarawak Report invited the Malaysian government to sue her in English court. That will clear the slander and the calumny.