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Raymond Francis



I have never been to Japan except a short stopover at Narita in 1980 on the way to Los Angeles. I was very excited of the idea of going to the Japanese Amateur Radio Festival to be held to Big Sight, Tokyo. Rusli did all the bookings and planning. I decided to follow his plan. I paid him a total of RM4.5K for the trips to Jakarta and Tokyo. We took Airasia.

In fact we were not alone. At KLIA2 we met two young ladies also going to Japan for the first time on their own. We learned that they were students and seasoned travelers. They booked the hotel at different location and had drawn their plans for the visit. We also met Aziz, Rizal and two other hams at the airport. They all did drop their luggage. The two ladies didn't.

The last train was at about 11.30 pm. Fearing that we would not catch the train we tried to minimize time-wasting by not checking in our baggage.

The immigration was fast. We followed the direction to the train line, the Keikyu Line. We asked the two guards the way to our hotel. The two lady officials told us hurry and quoted the ticket price. It was 570 Yen per ticket.

Down on the platform we did not know what to do. We saw the two girls were asking around. We too did the same. Two young men and a lady came to our help, giving us instructions that we need to change train at Shinagawa, and followed us on the train. At Shinagawa we bade good bye. There was a lady student who studied in Tokyo approached me asking where I wanted to go. Then she rushed to the two girls. I guessed she wanted to assist the fellow ladies.

Again we asked a gentleman who stood waiting for the train. He said that it would be the last train and an only train. We should not be worried. He told us to keep an eye on the computer screen on the train.

The train arrived. WE jumped in. There was quite a crowd. The Japanese won't push you around. They have a high value of courtesy. The train announce "ASAKUSABASHI". We jumped out. There were several exit. We walked to the nearest and climbed the stairs. It was drizzling outside. A lady passed by. We stopped to ask her the way to Apa Hotel. She walked us for about 500 meters to the hotel. We thanked her.

We checked in at about 12 midnight.










When bad people were promoted to a post they certainly would cause havoc to the world.

It has been more than a year that my wife has passed away. Yet her bequest is not settled yet with Tabung Haji. It all started with the Property and Bequest Office which charged more than a thousand ringgit for the service of property and financial allotment. Immediately after obraining the letter of attorney I rushed to CIMB, ASB and Tabung Haji. My wife's saving was only RM12K. ASB and CIMB were the simplest in procurement procedures as only I have to be the active member while the Tabhung Haji said that all of us, me and my kids must sign at the Tabung Haji's Office before the money could be distributed.

CIMB completed the process and handed me with four checks within a week. ASB took about a month. I had to wait for all my kids to come home to present themselves at Tabung Haji. I and my eldest son had completed our jobs with TH at Alor Setar branch.

About three months later the Property Office called me up to ask me to be present at the office. I was told that the letter of attorney given to me was wrong and a new ones were handed to me. Trying to avoid the problem to the officer I decided not to take any action. I had lost more than RM40K to my sons. But they are my flesh and blood.

During the last Ramadan my daughter came home. I took her to Tabung Haji to sign and handed a new letter of attorney with a corrected mistakes. Then after the Hari Raya I took my last son for the signature and handed another document.

Just about a couple of months ago I received a letter from TH informing me that the bequest had been credited to my account. But I found the amount was so much less. I brought the documents to the Tabung Haji's office. It said the office was closed and transactions could be done at UTC Pacific. I went to UTC's Tabung Haji, presented the letter and the document.

During the discussion I narrated about giving the old and the new PA letter. The officer said that all the payments are made at Kuala Lumpur HQ. He will investigate and call me back. To mind you it took hours before they came up with an answer.

Today, 5 days after returning from Jakarta, I went to UTC to follow up the progress. "The money was paid according to the old PA," said the officer.

"I have submitted two new PAs to Tabung Haji. You cannot process the payment prior to the completion of the total signatures."

"I don't know. You go to the main office and asked Haji Rahman. He may be able to answer you."

So I went. I met a desk officer and explained. The officer went in and about 15 minutes later came out to tell me that the deceased file has been closed and nothing could be done. "How could the file be closed when the transactions were not yet completed ? " I said. He went in again. I waited for more than hour.

The big boss came to the counter with a heap of documents. " We have closed the file," he said.

"You close the file and process the payment before the completion of the signatures ? "

He showed me a document showing the old payment ratio. "I gave two sets of new documents at different time and why don't you pay following the new ones ? "

"I tried to call Kuala Lumpur. But today is Sunday."

"I am not so in a hurry. But I don't like the you do trying to find fault with your customers and do not want to admit your mistake. This is not much. But I will not hesitate to get your answers in court. This mean even the Property Office will be called up by court."

"Give me a little time."

"I can. But why show me all these pile of papers when thing is so simple. Your people just did not read the new PA. I can forgive mistakes and errors but it must be remedied. Correct the figures and issue a new letter. I give you the time you want. The money involve isn't a million. You have to remedy it."

I left the office, the new TH one at the TH Hotel, near the airport.

Will I sue TH ? YES if they are arrogance.




I have always wanted to go to Jakarta Ham Festival as I heard stories on the great Morse code competition. I have been amazed by the ability of the Indonesian CW operators from that part of the world. It had been years since I had been monitoring their CW net on 40 meter band. But the net isn't there anymore. The last time I heard was a commotion which might have been caused either by the pirate stations of some rude guys. There were gentlemen and ladies who lead the network and sometimes they took turn as the duration of each network session was too long.

That's my main purpose of the visit, to see some of the fantastic guys. I had no intention of buying equipments or to learn about their radio organization like the ORARI. ORARI is like the ARRL and RSGB.

My first plan was to visit Tokyo Ham Fare which will be held on the 20th and 21st of August 2016. I heard from 9M2PJU that the FISTS group will open a boost too. A FISTS is another organization of CW lovers who reject CW communication using computers. I asked Rusli, 9M2RB, whether he would be interested to go to Japan. He agreed and at the same time he told me about the Jakarta Fest that he would go. I told Rusli that I would join him.

II prepared 20 button pins with a motto CW is a class by itself incase somebody might ask me for a souvenir. All I realized they were not enough.

The trip was on the 5th, by Airasia. The flight departed Kuala Lumpur at 7.55 and arriving Jakarta at about 8 pm local time. We took a Blue Bird taxi to our hotel, costing 150000 Rp. The Favehotel Zainul Arifin is at Jalan Zainul Ariffin.

We decided to go to the fare ground on the next day after breakfast. The location was at a place called ANCOL park.

We took a three wheeler. The ride cost us 45000 Rp the gate  of the park. The park's entrance fee was 25000 per person. We did not find the ham fare ground anywhere after about 10 minutes walk. Whenever we saw the an employee of the park we would asked for the location of the ORARI event. Nobody seemed to know about it. However on further enquiry we arrived at the destinationm, after riding the park-bus , walking and changing to another bus.

The weather was hot and sunny. We walked about and survey the booths sales. A few booths sold the homebrewed equipments. Rigs that sold for RM350 were quickly grabbed by the visitors. We did not see any Malaysian yet. Neither did we approach any Indonesian hams who were busy chatting among themselves.

On the left there was a beach. On the right there was a mall. Rusli suggested that we went into the mall to cool ourselves. On entering the mall a few Indonesian hams approached us asking where a meeting was to be held. We just said that we did not know. "There us a meeting," I told Rusli. "Let's go and watch." We climbed a floor. There was someone talking on a loudspeaker on one corner. We knew that the meeting was going on. We took a seat.

A few Indonesian hams seemed to notice us and asked where we were from. We were told that there would be a Morse competition after the OTARI's meeting. More and more hams joined us and we introduced each other When I mentioned about the CW net controller , fingers were pointed at them.



There are 4 categories in the competition; the slow, medium, high and free for all. I did not request them for the detail. Each category must consist of at least 5 candidates. The males and females were considered as one. If you look at the picture below you'll notice the spectrum of age difference.


There were 500 characters, 5 to each group to be sent and copied by the the candidates.

They looked very calmed. I would not be able to copy random words by writing. Even the messages are in plain language my hand would not be able to cope up with the speed.

I did not record the whole speed of different category. I remember that in one, the speed changes in momentum, getting faster and faster.

IOne of the hams sent the clip to his American friend who commented that it was a crazy speed.


I am sorry for being bias. I do not ask everyone to share my view. I have always maintained that ham radio is identified with Morse codes. And Morse is an integral part and an ID for the ham radio. No one can buy it with money. One has to instill the competency in him by himself.

I feel so relief and at peace knowing that there are people who are keeping ham radio alive.

Ham Radio is not about talking only. It goes more than that; the ethics and the attitudes. It should be of a community of high grade people minus the rouge and the insolent. We can't afford to have a man who called himself a ham at the same time be the head of the pirates and dare even to express his unethical deeds in public. And people who use the hobby to make money as those who did in the Facebook product advertisements. We loathe any vanity hams who brag and swagger, pushing others to be a leader like the rush for political posts.

Ham radio is not about paradding ones ego and ones social, academic and political status. We address people by ham name not by his nobility, King Hussein never want to be called MY Lord or His Highness. That was the way hams did for decades to keep everyone on equal status.

People are quarreling on matter of repeaters, not because of the abuse but because the non-members were chased out. They disagreed about the formation and the members of clubs and radio societies.

Ham radio should be free of vices, braggart, evil mind and war mongers.

Hard work is a commendable ethic. One has to move and sweat for bread rather than begging all one's life. Begging makes a person lazy and indolent. It will blend with a person's characters and attitudes. And the habit is never a luster. High minimum pay will discourage the desire to pursue college and university degree. Easy curriculum will hinder the development of higher level knowledge and the ultimate progress in science and technology thus lowering international competitiveness.

Good habit in a man is transferable to any of his deeds and undertakings. It will be applied to all situations and circumstances.

I learned a lot from my visit. It made me realize how small I was and I am. In the world of amateur radio no one can claim that he is the best and the most perfect. There is a distant difference between my ability in Morse codes and my fellow friends in Indonesia. They surely had earned their pride through diligence and resilience.  




The decay is getting serious. I don't even remember I have rooms in my house. Probably I do not sleep in one. I sleep in the hall, on the coach or floor and at time on the sick bed of my late wife. I actually have a room where my former maid used to stay, small but well furnished. It could accommodate two persons easily. I do not remember this room at all. Around the hall there are three rooms where my two sons and my daughter would occupy them when they came home. I have never been into their rooms whether they were here or away. I would lock them.

I would say the most tidy and well organized is my daughter's. And I told her that I would let it be used by Rusli if he were to visit me because I was always well accommodated when I went to Kuala Lumpur. She agreed.

The hall is very messy, the worst is my radio room where I stuffed in unwanted things, small and compact. I used to sleep in there but not anymore. It was hot and stuffy. I had an air-conditioning unit but using it would double my electric bill. Without it I pay about RM50 a month, using it would jump to RM250.

Once a month I would hire maids to clear the compound, mopping the floor and remove the dusts. They were paid by the hour. Because I am a single man in the house they prefer to come in two to avoid calumny and gossip about any possible affair. Both are married. Within four hours the job would be completed. I always paid them two a hundred for two.

The other day two of my ham radio friends came with the express purpose of going to a kenduri in Perlis. It did occur to me about their lodging but my mind was seeing the messy place of my home. I did not remember of the maid's room. I was thinking of the mosquito's attacks and so on. I did not persuade them to stay with me. Only at night I decided to ask them to put up a night at my home. I tried to call them but in vain. I asked Hanafi to ring them up. Also failed.

I have to remedy my error. I have to wait for the next time. I will offer a lodging to any of my ham radio friends who come this way and willing to stay in this messy and uncomfortable abode. Who knows some are already used to mosquitoes and stuffy environment and willing to accept the offer.

This very house will be left alone when I die. I have a dreadful thought of living till 80 because I will be too old and too tired by then. That will be around the corner. Ten years passes too quickly. I never thought I would across the 21st century. This is already 2016. My God.